Lego StarWars: BBQ

Lego StarWars
Make your own story

Advertising School: Escola Cuca, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Directors: Diego Mourão, Gustavo Dorietto
Copywriter: Lucas Mohallem
Photographer: Mariana Valverde


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I like these ads. But will the target audience get it? Assuming that the target audience are kids and maybe haven't seen star wars.

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i don´t think the target audience are kids, i think its more targeted to those kids fathers who grew up whit star wars. Also i don´t know you, but i have seen a lot of small kids who loves star wars, not because the original fils (sadly) but the new fils, new cartoons, videogames, etc.

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Nowadays, Lego can be enjoyed for different targets, Mr. X. I'm agree with you about if some people haven't seen Star Wars films, but I'm still believing that Lego Star Wars could be enjoyed by everybody. What do you think?

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Okay. There is a concept, and the concept is: make your own story. Meaning: tweak the real star wars story or change it completely. If you haven't seen star wars then you don't know the real story, yes? So, if you haven't seen star wars, then this ad doesn't say much, right?

I agree with you, that toys are toys and can be enjoyed by kids even if they haven't seen star wars, but if those kids are the target audience, then these ads should have been something completely different.

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With this kind of product (Star Wars' Lego Toys c'mon!) and this concept, the executions could be much better and more powerful

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vader could grill on his mask. the ewok version is much better.

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good... i love the concept

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