Lego: Periscope

Lego. Imagine...

Advertising Agency: FCB, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Brett Morris
Copywriter: Lance Vining
Art Directors: Lance Vining, Charles Foley
Photographer: Gerard Turnely
Typographer: Lance Vining

June 2006


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122 pencils

i think its great. but i've seen better this year already

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It makes you think a little bit. I think it is clever.

Karthik M.

ivan's picture

I think the beauty of this ad is that it works on two levels. If you're not advertising savvy, all you will get out from the ad that you have a huge place to start building something and there is one building block to start it off. If you spend a bit more time with the ad you start thinking about what this means and you think about the blue of the ocean and the periscope. While you have all this meaning. It's a brutally simple image. I love it and I think it was a good choice for the grand prix.

Some may think it doesn't talk to kids and they are right it doesn't. It talks to parents, who want to buy toys for their kids that develop them. This ad suggests that Lego will develop kids imagination, so it sell Lego to me as a parent.

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I think the title is a mistake, it could have been just lego , or something.

anyway, it' all in the copy, "imagine" so basically it doesn't matter if it's a periscope or anything else, it's lego, and please remember, the times when you did complete colorful worlds entirely from mere blocks, it's a perfect reinvention of the original lego concept.


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Pat Flannery
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It's not evident that the white thing is a all. I'd have turned the page long before I figured out what this ad was about.

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i agree with ivan. it speaks to possibilities. besides, would you rather see some kid building crap with his legos along with some dumb, straightforward headline? or maybe some draw-dropping, adult-built lego masterpiece that parents/buyers know that there child will never come close to duplicating? this shows a wide open palette and a hint of what could be. i love the simplicity.

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great !... Love it

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oh. best print? shit.

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Congrats FCB, Johannesburg for winning the best print ad of 2006!
Who would have ever believed a Cannes Grand Prix would go to an agency in Africa?

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congrats on the lion.
but i would never guess this would win. :)

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One of my all time favorites. It says a lot... With Lego you can build anything, any story... superb ad. Good Job.

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like it. love it. it's better than what my creative director has done in the office which had won silver in cannes. come on juhi, do better next time...

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Great idea. just because of the famous brand. Could it be for unknown brand?

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ad of dream

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