Lego: It's what you make of it, 3

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Europe
Art Director: Andres Maldonado
Copywriter: Robin Stam

November 2007


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Jonny Lonestar
282 pencils

no more lego ads.

mpindy's picture
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These are disappointing.

Vege Pop's picture
Vege Pop
84 pencils

Looks like pre-students work. Or worse.

GillSans's picture
84 pencils

this is horrible

Machete's picture
4 pencils

Really dissapointing.
Definetly looks like student work. Check this out. Archive Student Contest 2007 nominee.

teenie's picture
1894 pencils

A little too obvious and done-before. Like the Ron Jeremy one, though!

daizy's picture
34 pencils

even kids could do better than this

tr3n00ps's picture
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this is a concept that would work better as a stop motion piece with the "3 bricks" changing from one thing to the next. And that would still be corny.

robinstam's picture
215 pencils

Yes, this is student work and there has been a misunderstanding. Saatchi Stockholm has nothing to do with this ad. They only coached me on this project. And all you guys are a bunch of parrots. Think of some constructive critisism before you start copy-pasting each other's hate-comments.

iT-iS-i's picture
1721 pencils

Well sorry their matey, but no constructive criticism can save this. Effective constructive criticism, would honestly be to tell you to move onto something else...

iT-iS-i, like an upside down ! mark.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

robinstam's picture
215 pencils

Don't be sorry. I don't feel personally offended, but I just think a lot of people on this website can do better than just throwing mud. Daniel in the next comment understood that very well and seems to me somebody you can take seriously. But I think it's interesting to read the comments because this campaign is by far the most controversial that I have. When I showed this work at agencies in New York they either loved it or hated it. There's no in between. The fact that the rating is now on a '5' proves that. I keep it in my portfolio for the simple reason that I personally like it. Yes I'm taking a risk, but if you know my other work you'll see I can take that risk ;-)

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daniel ieraci
333 pencils

There's an awful lot of guns in this piece. And Ron Jeremy? Somehow don't think you want to put that into an ad for children's toys.

However, I can understand the thinking behind the ad though and there is definately something nice about having an endless amount of possibilities from such limited lego pieces. Keep at it robinstam and I'm sure you'll only get better with time (we were all students at some point) ;)

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I think the copy shouldn't say directly what it is. Instead of dog you can write WRAF WRAF etc. Maybe that tickles your fantasy more.. and since this idea is about fantasy..but I dont now how it will work for the robot (bliep bliep??) , plane ready for take off, etc. But still this campaign is only nice, not controversial.MM, difficult. Oh well, just tried to make a good comment.

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Eric Pires
6 pencils

I like it. This is Lego: a couple of bricks and then it is up to your imagination and creativity. I don't see any major issue about this ad, some here should cool down.

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42 pencils

I aint great no but it aint aawwwffful. Although doesn't it kind of open it up to other toys brands to say they're more fun? Also shouldn't they have maybe bought off the defunct band that currently reside at said URL??

davegregory's picture
42 pencils

oop, sorry dude. Just saw the comments that it's a student wonder isn't bought! my bad!

Texter's picture
35 pencils

ahhh... sumun build things from Lego.

... ahh many things.

then made an ad.

where´s the idea?

it´s been done, already.

andrekaze's picture
97 pencils

ARt direction...copied from dynamo washing

sorry guys

bakamono's picture
1002 pencils

So they pioneered this concept ? You guys are so freaking bitter.

The has something.

because therefore it is

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