Lego: Imperial Flagship

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Moscow, Russia
Art Directors: Arina Avdeeva, Rodrigo Linhares
Creative Director: Mikhail Kudashkin
Designer: Dmiry Jakovlev
Illustration: Ninjafilms
Photography: Ninjafilms

October 2010


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ugly! no cool !

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just because you didn't do it it doesn't mean it's bad.

it's actually pretty good.

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very good!!!

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cool. great job russia. shows the limitless creativity possible with lego.

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Aha! Now I get it. Is this an ad that show us we can do different things with Lego? And creative director is one of these super children who doesn't stuck in the picture on the box, but creates new ships... Come ooooooon!

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Come oooooon to you!!! its so simple is clever! its nice, its not the best ad in the world but you see it, ypu just get it and smile and thats all it needs(and all it intends)! nice visual with easy concept thats it, judge it for what it is!!!

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Well done!

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I agree with burcinistanbul... that idea has been plastered on the box for years. This is hardly remarkable.

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I think is cheesy and very boring - Lego needs a new approach and not again - "imagine" especially the motives are not well picked.


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I think the idea is ok, not mind blowing, but the art direction is rubbish sorry!

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Nice idea. Horrible art direction.

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advertising ninja
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i will never understand how an idea which does not bring a new insight and does not show a great execution has won GOLD in cannes. what we see here is on the package of 75 percent of lego sets. front they feature space ship, on the back suggestions of what to do with it. they are selling books of lego which is all about doing other stuff with existing sets. its been done before, by LEGO itself and by zillions of kids.. sure it is elegantly put but really really old news. weird.

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i love how ads like these NEVER FAIL to bring out the 12yo in me. never fails.

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