Lego: City shadow

creative building. Lego

Advertising Agency: E=Y&R, Chile
Creative Director: Carlos Trujillo
Art Director: JP Faúndez
Copywriter: Carlos Trujillo
Illustrator: Dennis "The Menace" Molina
Other additional credits: Keke Reyes

August 2007


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As far as I'm getting this right it's really lame. And the copy makes things just confusing.

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andrej dwin
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obviously, all the creativity went into "building" :-)
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I like these, I think they're fun. And they look good.

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nice idea. but it's the same ad 3 times.

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Jarne von Wolfsburg
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* * * * *

good idea. nice look. but the copdy could do more

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yeah. ouch. cool idea but that tag is more damaging than anything.

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if i had to use lego pieces i would have built a far more beautifull city

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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For this one i would go for the copy as: "Lego. Play God"

nevertheless i kinda like 'em

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Agost Carreño e...

super mala, super hecha, super trucha tu wea
aparte lego es de ogilvy, la mejor agencia de Chile

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Obviamente tú no eres Agost Carreño, porque Agost es una persona que sabe mucho de publicidad, muy descente, muy inteligente y amigo mio. Y como tú no eres Agost Carreño, te informo que LEGO no es cuenta de Ogilvy. La próxima vez que uses el nombre de otra persona para escudar tu ignorancia, mediocridad, ego y falta de experiencia, hazlo con otro nombre.

PD: Si quieres te puedo dar un par de nombres para ponerte.

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reminds me of Cannes winner of fertilizer from Ogilvy Bangkok

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