Brain Stimulator

September 2007
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The world's only legal brain stimulator. Lego

Advertising Agency: Fabrika, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Jiri Langpaul
Art Director: Ivo Dykast
Copywriter: Martina Mackovicova
Illustrator: Marcel Brna

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I would have put the Lego piece in colour (more stimulating) if the ad was run in colour? And seriously who cares that the apostrophe is the wrong way around, whatever happened to creative licence or is this a literature site, I forget! It’s not to say that I like the piece in particular but I also don’t not like it. I just feel that some of the comments are mundane, and turning the apostrophe around isn’t going to all of a sudden make it a ground breaking piece of graphic communication. As one of my colleagues likes to say “It’s very nice, but also very boring”!

M C Harvey