Legal Sea Foods: Bobby

Advertising Agency: DeVito/Verdi, New York, USA
Creative Director: Sal DeVito
Art Directors: Manny Santos, Eric Schutte
Copywriter: Barry Flanik
Producer: John Doepp

July 2011


FourT6and2's picture
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Great effort. Except for the fact that pearl oysters are not edible... And I would have expected Legal Seafoods to know this.

But maybe being factually correct isn't important in advertising?

Gearbox's picture
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Papyrus is a terrible font to use. The storybook angle is, well, I think I've seen it a few times by now. But neither of those are as damning as how the ad builds sympathy for the food. I thought this was going to be an ad for some sort of conservation movement to stop illegal fishing or something like that. It's for a restaurant. Why would I want to eat a crab or a fish or oyster that you just told me has hopes and dreams and feelings? Bobby's dead now because of me, if I eat there. It's a nightmare. No way.

Mantufayo's picture
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Yep, Papyrus was fine for Avatar and nothing more.

Wilford Brimley's picture
Wilford Brimley
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Like the concept. But have to agree with Gearbox. Papyrus is a no no. Might as well have used Comic Sans or Marker Felt for that matter.

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