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Y'know, if you're gonna go for a Photoshop illusion, go all the way or go home.

Where's the shadowing under the lock?

Where's the shadowing *on* the lock?

Why not use the shirt button hole right underneath?

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Idea = OK
Photoshop = NO

By the way, where's the keyhole? It's for the concept? We cannot unlock it? The guy will wear that same shirt forever! Hummmm...

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really bad photoshop. where's the shadow ????

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Where's the keyhole!!!

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Yeh! you'r rightlook. and the neck looks weird.

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hehehe.... what happened to his ears? they look so small... it's funny.

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where is the hole in the padlock for the key?

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This could be much better, i agree with all the " photoshop" specialist's, but let's stuck to the most important thing on a ad >>>the IDEA! and this is good.

Simple ideas are the best !

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The IDEA could be wonderful as all hell, but if the EXECUTION fails it, then what's the point? That's like saying, "Hey, I should play at Carnegie Hall!" all the while forgetting that, gee, I cant play the piano.

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I'm sorry what's the idea here?

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I'm sorry but I don't get the idea. There is a lock on the shirt with a gecko okaaaaaaaay?

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the lock goes through the skin and the shirt button hole and locks, the idea is you don't get to take the shirt off (i think)

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I'm afarid I don't get the lock thing either. For the woman, I thought perhaps it was locked on to a nipple ring or something, except that it was oddly placed for that.

Why on earth there's a relatively badly drawn lock dangling (with no weight) from his button hole, I have no idea. If it locked the front together, then sure, I could get that. But as it is? Right over my head. Anyone care to explain it?

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3731 pencils your minds lads. The idea is related to the original belongs only to him (lock it up), i will also lock up my comments on this ad. NEXT !!!

Simple ideas are the best !

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i agree about the photoshop and the idea and i also say it is disgusting............YUCK!!!!

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Miserable photoshop work. Coulda' been a strong visual though.

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Just received a email today from adsoftheworld to see this stupid comment from a stupid guest.WTF ?

Simple ideas are the best !

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