Leeds Counselling: Say

Say what's on your mind.
Come and talk to one of our skilled counsellors.

Leeds Counselling is an organisation that specialises in the treatment of mental health issues using Talking Therapy. They asked us to produce press and posters to publicise the service they offer and to get people to visit their website. The individual lines that go to make up the portraits are genuine quotes from clients in counselling sessions. There are twenty quotes in total, repeated ad infinitum in an attempt to capture the turmoil of an unquiet mind. And the headlines gently but firmly urge those with issues to open up.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Manchester, UK
Executive Creative Director: Dave Price
Art Director: Richard Irving
Copywriter: Gerard Edmondson
Photographer: Steve Deer
Typographers: Jamie Axford, Richard Irving
Designer: Ryan Alexander


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art director is increible.. the idea...i dont like

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Tommy G.
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Fantastic render. The black background is bit weak though.

thumbs up...

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Bravo! Brilliant concept and execution.
Hopefully these are in bus shelters where boredom ensues and minds tend to 'think inward'.
The black and white imagery is strong. From afar this would grab ones attention, up close curiosity would draw you into the quotes.
Would engage the troubled individual or someone close to them.
Kudos for an elegant way to translate a tough issue without being graphic in execution.

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brilliant art direction...bravo

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Good art

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236 pencils


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Head out of words. I won't count how many times...

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A sense of calm for a troubling issue. Very elegant.

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absolutely brilliant job!


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I was wondering how one did that. Was it PS?

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