League Against Cancer: Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise? It will be your fault!

Note: A wordplay is employed in the slogan based on the fact that in Slovak, the word cancer (rakovina) contains the word fault (vina).

Advertising Agency: Sofian, Bratislava, Slovakia
Creative Director: T. Eliot Rostas
Art Directors: Marek Repka, Ivan Galanský
Copywriter: T. Eliot Rostas
Published: October 2010


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do you even know what cancer is? the fact that there's a wordplay doesn't make you any less of an absolute moron. there's not much shame in the advertising industry, but T. Eliot Rostas and team should have quite a lot after this campaign. hideous work.

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This is my favourite! Great campaign!

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The conclusion we can draw from these posters is everything causes cancer, everything.

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LOL I second that!

Cognito Ergo Sum

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You guys just don't get that the main stress is put on the word "vina", which means "fault / guilt / blame".

It is a campaign against unhealthy lifestyle and the cancer wordplay stands symbolically for many other fatal deseases.

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We all get the wordplay!!!!! The thing is this is a very generalized concept, of course if i jump from a tall building and die is gonna be my fault! This takes us back to earlier comments thats says "in conclusion everything gives cancer", if i sit around all day i might die out of either cancer or a lightning stroke, you are not making an actual point just "take care from EVERYTHING" and i mean everything because if i have a lighter and it explodes it will be my fault for carrying it then (why not)?!!! Death has causes in everything and cancer is just one of them! I see this and i can just think "what the hell am dying anyway" this campaign is only making see that i can die anyway not just from cancer what if i baked some veggies in that frying pan and one of them got stuck in my throat, thats a cause of death too and you might as well be doing the campaign about that!!!! am just saying...... :)

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Out of ideas? It'll be your fault!

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really nice idea and implemented well congrates:)

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Brainchild Theories
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Instead of telling everyone what causes Cancer (which is everything) where is the direction and education once you get the inevitable. I think some more research on the causes of Cancer would help the campaign. Start with leading causes and make it different from a store catalogue ad.

The photography and composition is very beautiful though.

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