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nice idea, but… if it's so strong that leaves round the globe and return to your possession then why use it? It's more like Sisyphean task. Bravo for Mr.Plumet

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LUke Creativedir

I'M IN DEEP LOVE IN STIHL'S ADS... geee, guys, don't be so "accurate analizators" in the world of metaphor

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True. Hyperboles are part of advertising world...
I like this one!

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Ad Junkie At Large
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i agree it's simply exagerating a benefit to get a point across, however i still think its kinda an old idea.

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Mr Hughes
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isn't it powerful instead of powerfull?
or is it a witty and dangerous approach?

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la mèche

Wooo... I don't know...I'v seen things so better for stihl... but quite nice anyay...Perpi loves it

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Good idea.

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this "around the world" stuff looks familiar.. but i don't think the average guy will understand that

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Ed Mintone
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This idea just blew me away.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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A lone leaf in the frozen tundra and/or a desert was more subtle and that much more powerful. I agree with Wordnerd that the average Joe (or even the target Joe) will probably not get it.

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inspired or copied from windows xp wallpapers. poor.

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euclid the gree...
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It completely contradicted its use. Not visual but not a beautiful concept for consumers to see.

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I can remember one print piece from about three years ago done for either duracell or energizer (one of the 2) which is the same around the world idea. It was a shot of a desert road stretching into the horizon. On the foreground there is a remote conrolled car going down the roade towards the horizon and sneaking up on a little boy with the remote controller (the idea is that the batteries are so powerful that the rc truck has gone all the way around the world just like this stihl ad) The battery ad won something at AP Adfest about 3 years ago.

Considering that these annuals work their way around the wold (sorry no bad joke intended) it's strange that such a respected name like olivier altmann would put his name on this piece.

Also we should consider the inane fact that a leaf blower that blows leaves away so hard that it goes all the way around the globe and then comes back to the same place isn't really a very usefull tool at all. Oh sorry the 1st comment has already said this.

In fact I was trying to look for something else in the ad and for a really silly moment noticed the clouds parting to either side of the blower and thought 'hmmm is there something in there' but no that's just me being silly.

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Energizer Max from DDB Toronto is the ad you're thinking of.

I'm not crazy about this Stihl one at all; I've seen MUCH better work for this brand lately. The stellar photography is this ad's silver lining and the reason it will probably get into Archive.

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