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Pablo Escobar

Why someone used to adventure needs to have toilet paper then?

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dont get it

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this is my understanding, i stand to be corrected. If you are a Landrover driver you are used to adventure, offroading and mostly when you are out there there isn't the luxury of toilet paper thus him grabbing a leaf (coz he's used to being offrod).

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He is cleaning his ass with leaves instead of toilet paper... I think it is a creative approach but this ad makes me hate land rover!!! That must be a joke!!!

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yeah, don't kill the plant when you're in your co2 producing household.

... its already been done...

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Same concept, but the one above is better art directed:

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odd to associate a luxury brand with a filthy necessity such as a bowel movement

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O, I get it!! pretty neat idea actually.

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agreed. how many people do you know who owns a land rover actually take it off roadng? thats the important question here.

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shitty car for stupid rednecks

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It's funny. Don't take it so seriously.

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STILL dont get it..

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instinctive tra...
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out in the wilds, you sometimes have to use your ingenuity - like when you take the crap you just might not have toilet paper to finish up. and so you use the leaf. this man here has gotten so used to the leaf (read loves his 4x4 so much) that he's doing what he does in the wild even at home.

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It's cool; I like it. People who use the Landrover are SUPPOSED to be outdoorsmen, and thus he is used to be camping and stuff. Thus, he is used to wiping his rear with leaves.

clamyd's picture

it's just the good old Bob Saget way of whiping it.
and as far as i know he never even owned a driver's license!

Yr's picture
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oh!! GREAT!!!!!

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creative and right on strategy. this ad has really done justice to the brand as an off-the-road SUV for the off-the-road guys. if u dont get, put on your thinking cap next time.

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I agree, it's your responsibility to understand this ad.

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I disagree, I think this ad is intentionally meant to mostly be understood by it's audience. Part of that demo is the idea that they are better than the khaki and polo shirt wearers BECAUSE they understand this type of thing and others don't. BUT, that is 100% opinion on my behalf.

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I like off-roading, I have a 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser, and I have joined off-roading clubs. One of the many things we do is environmental protection. We go out to the woods to fix and repair any damage done by ourselves or other more thoughtless drivers. This ad of a man tearing apart a plant to wipe his ass does not hit this demo. If anything it says "I'm a dumb redneck". I can see it wanted to be funny but it missed. If I'm the demographic it actually pisses me off and make Landrover drivers look like pricks.

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You missed the point, people who buy Landrovers are pseudo off-roaders who THINK they are outdoorsmen. They really aren't, but this ad makes them FEEL tough and rugged when they buy it. We all know the majority of these gas-guzzlers only go the the market and to the youth futbol pitch, and maybe to little sally's dance recital. BUT, Chad can turn up the AC, some Kenny G, and feel all rough and tough while doing these things.

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Have Heart
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It's funny, but Jeep did a very similar and award-winning ad years ago. It showed a public toilet, but the WC was just a bush.

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es la cuarta vez que veo el mismo aviso, el mismo recurso y para las mismas marcas de siempre. ya no masssss.

its the 4th time that i see this idea, the same art direction for four similar brands. no moreeee pls

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Ed Mintone
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Reminds me when I used poison ivy to wipe my ass. I joined the Scout's shortly after.

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Yash Vora
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I can imagine....

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When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was an ad for a particularly soft toilet paper.
Knowing what it's for now, I wipe my bum with this ad.

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Frane Rectal


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Sampath Maha

Nice concept man. They really love the rough experience. Not the smooth.
Thumbs up. bt art direction could be bit better.

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the one here was shown in Cannes 2007 - SHORTLIST !!!
It's from Ogilvy & Mather Kuala Lumpur

The original award winning one is a TOYOTA 4Runner Ad from 2004 !!!

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Hey, what's up with yours. I'm disappointed to read some commentaries in this page. Sometimes people who talk here don't talk like persons that work in advertising, looks like lawyers or housewife.
This AD is right on strategy and is very powerfull, no matter it's done or not. Please, don't think like kids, be professionals.


Ah another thing, i see now usually some pleaple say: "When i saw the the thumbnail, i thought it..."
¿What's in your brain? None advertising exist to be seeing in thumbnail.

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We make the comments we make because we can. This site is here for that and it's great. Who are you to judge who's allowed to critique the ads or not. So what if a lawyer or housewife comments. Their opinion is just as valid as anyone elses. Don't get yourself confused with some kind of God complex, none of us knows everything.

I also don't appreciate you criticising me in a rude manner. What's in my brain? I saw the thumbnail and thought it would be an ad for toilet paper. What don't you understand about that? Once I saw it enlarged I realized what it was for.

You seem to be new to the site. Perhaps once you get an account and have been around for a bit you'll unerstand better. Pointing fingers and telling people to "be professionals" won't get you far.

Pablo Escobar's picture
Pablo Escobar

Why someone used to adventure needs to have toilet paper then?