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pretty good
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Can someone explain to me what the hell is going on in these?

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nothing to explain dude, nothing

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did she just stole his wallet??

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Haha! my thoughts exactly - but i guess she's just slapping his ass. but i have no idea, what this campaign is trying to say

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she slapped his ass, and he felt assualted and looking towards her, she plays innocent...

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is this the pure spirit of sport ???

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pretty good
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This is truly bad, no other word for it.

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Did she just touched the guy's ass?


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its easy guys..........the 1st prominent visual shows they r running, the 2nd shows the girl slapping the guys ass, the 3rd has the guy glaring back at her..............simple: when running i do not entertain neeeeeeeeeee hindrance!!!!
lets not ride down the novel way of showng it.

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It looks like the copywriter tried to communicate that a cock is the pure spirit of sport.

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Crème de la Mer
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Hubiese sido un poco divertido si ella le roba la cartera

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