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263 pencils

i tought the blue blankett will form the water. IMHO, i think it would be better...

end of joy, enjoy

anad's picture
20 pencils


i loooove advertising:)

fluffy's picture
236 pencils

Nice - good idea and photography/art direction.

Bauducco's picture
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Nice campaign.

Yr's picture
170 pencils

nice but image is hard to get from the first sight

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Surly creative ...
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without the title of this ad, it is almost impossible to get. "Burn fat while you sleep" wouldnt allow me to comprehend what's happening considering most people sleep in f*cked up positions anyway. So while the thought is good, i would have to give this ad a D- .

JamurPutih's picture
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that's what i was talking about...

end of joy, enjoy

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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"Without the title..."
Sounds like a recurring theme with so many ads on here doesn't it? :(

theanc's picture
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It´s incredible how a lot of ads suceed just because of its title. That´s nuts! Even in awards you can see a lot of it. You remove the title and it becomes impossible to understand. In fact you can possibly get it after looking it for 30 minutes.


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How about have them sleeping in a frying pan, on a grill and in a wok? the beds could look like that and the visual would be easier to understand.

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Bob Parker
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Really , really nice.

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these are trying too hard. besides, seems she needs to swim in real life.

Spanky's picture
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yep. no way anyone will get that she's swimming.

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Mr. Cool Supreme
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Done. By Saatchi's Singapore a few years ago. It was a real job too.

Rog's picture
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Who cares. Like it.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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me too..

"you are valued for your value so be valuable..."

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Photographer and art director needs to tell story faster and better.

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The basic message is creepy but the picture is taken well!

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