Lazer Helmets: Woman

Go down in style.
Urbanize. The new fashion helmet by Lazer.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Antwerp
Creative Directors: Geoffrey Hantson, Dirk Domen
Creative team: Manuel Ostyn, Pieter Staes
Photographer: Koen Demuynck
Other additional credits: Matthieu De Winter


krautland's picture
3220 pencils

this lady is about to fall on her ass, not head.
the ads, incidentally, fall flat.

jimkuz's picture
408 pencils

Love this ad - attention getting, goofy, far-out, fun,
and STYLE is what her gymnastic, or spring board diving move is all about.

klaussnow's picture
1675 pencils

ivan, can I have a halmet too?

... its already been done...

but_why's picture
280 pencils

Confusing - both ads show stylish 'dismounts' not stylish helmets. Is this helmet gonna make me look good or turn me into some kinda acrobatic ninja? Either way show me a helmet that stops me getting my head squashed under a truck and you got my buck.

FlyingDogs's picture
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Grade A, brothers!

efox5's picture
85 pencils

Like this one! But I don't know why they write the body copy on the ground

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils

Because its a creative way. You spell it like this: C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E

JamurPutih's picture
263 pencils

well...the ad makes me open the website..hahaha

end of joy, enjoy

Vicomte's picture
287 pencils

Nice job

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