Lazer bicycle helmets: Fox

New Tardiz bicycle Helmet. Designed to make you faster.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, Belgium
Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson
Art Directors: Carsten Van Berkel, Stefaan Leendertse
Illustrator: Philippo Comarella


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yes, there are perverted people in advertising. and I guess some find it funny. not me.

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a little bit cruel but i like it

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ouch!... nice idea but i think there should have been more reaction from the fox after being cut in 2 halves!
the illustration and art are so beautiful too.. this is 9/10

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Yeah, nice idea, but maybe this illustration is a bit to much. It should be, I think, more funnier/softer.
btw, bad brakes on a bike :)

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Two halves? You're such a moron.

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Why is she a moron? Please tell me how you think "Two halves" is spelt.

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Great execution for a fast BIKE... not so sure about a fast helmet, though.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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i've had a bird go through my tires. i'm a cyclist and a creative and think these are too contrived.

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Something you will either like or not like.

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When I bike, it's not the furry animals that bother me, but the birds. So I wanna see a sliced up bird! ;)

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Emran Hayat
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it would've been more fun and looked nice if they've chopped fox tail instead of chopping it off from the middle... and this 1 looks ugly :o/

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Nah, doesn't do it for me. Wouldn't sell me the bike, let alone the helmet.

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Dev Kumar
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The idea ought to have been to caricature the incident. But it wasn't handled properly...I'd say poor execution...

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Hungry fox idea :D

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Personally I find the illustration rather awkward for this idea... this execution, for me, should've been more exaggerate or portray a little bit more action, in a way try and make look funny, it just seems so stiff. The idea is average.


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HAHAHAH!!! its funny, and they´re not real so... its cool

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me da mucho pesar del zorrito

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I feel a bit grossed out!

I think; therefore I am

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Interesting idea. Smart choice to illustrate instead of photograph.

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Surely one would ride around the animal..

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immmmmmmm, Direct -here -hit .

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Creepy idea. Cruelty won't sell well.

It's really not necessary to do shockvertising for this type of brand.

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