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I think that this is a really nice campaign...clean and simple.

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really nice, especially the (wife) one.. not sure about the (drive some one) one.. my quick answer will be share a cab so its not as powerful..
but yeah great campaign for sure..

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I don't know...it sounds a little too pat. And a little too simple. I don't think Occam's razor applies in this case.

But then, that is just my opinion.

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I guess they would´ve been better if the answers were handwriting, but that is just my opinion. Nice campaign thou.

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Art directors make mistakes.

Who types answers to a test?

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This campaign is so "on the nose" I think mine has started to bleed.
A very forgetable first idea at best. The writing seems as if it was picked up directly from the brief (do they have those in ad school?) and the art direction is just uninteresting. Just all around Jr. looking stuff.

As a student remeber to always self critque as if you where a CD, learn to take out the trash and do it often, be your own worst critic and never settle. If you think you have a great idea, do it over a hundred times more until you find real gold. You'll be surprised what sweating out an idea can do. It will make the difference between being avaerage or really great in this biz. And this biz needs more of the latter for sure.

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Have Heart
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Holy shit, this is frighteningly flat!

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Have Heart and CC3 have nailed it. The idea is not bad. The lazy copywriting is.

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Great idea... great way to present it... nicely boils down to the positioning line...

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