Lavazza: San Francisco

Buongiorno San Francisco, theres' a new coffee in town.
Since 1895 the Lavazza family has put its heart and soul into creating the perfect balance of taste and aroma. Lavazza Classico is artfully blended, rich in body and filled with Italian Passion in every cup. Enjoy.

Advertising Agency: Alberto Baccari, Milano/New York, Italy/US
Creative Director: Alberto Baccari
Art Directors: Alberto Baccari, Andrea Castelletti
Copywriters: Robert Schulman, Elvire Cavalié
Graphic Designer: Andrea Castelletti
Brand Strategist: Susan Roy
Project Manager: Giuseppe Laneve
Lettering: Luca Barcellona
Photographer: Orlando Zambarbieri

November, 2013


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your mom
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nothing happens, nothing new, nothing else to say. work harder son. make me proud

Don't argue with your mom!

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It does fall short on reasons to believe.

Andrés Téllez V.

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yo ivan, boss aren't your people screening ads these days?? all sort of shittiness seems to be spreading fast across AoTW!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Don t blame Ivan blame the people making the ads in the first place...

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What's Ivan gotta do with this?
If the ads are sub-standard then thats exactly what you get served.
So, push your brothers to think harder and better!

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

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