Lavazza: Italian, 3

Advertising Agency: Armando Testa, Turin, Italy
Creative Director: Michele Mariani
Art Director: Andrea Lantelme
Copywriter: Cristiano Nardò
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz

November 2008


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Guest commenter

as always for Armando Testa Turin: nice photo but the idea is poor.

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commercial artist
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If we are in a concept contest...maybe the idea is poor.

Advertising is NOT always about the concept, which seems to be the norm here. Almost half of all advertising is executional based and works very well. Take the fashion industry for example.

It's only advertising.

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Guest commenter

Also the picture is poor.

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Guest commenter

Please, the picture is not poor. I agree for the idea but let's keep our comments "up-level".

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Guest commenter

Up-level? You mean, no criticizing please, I suppose.
I too would have expected something stronger from annie leibovitz
(a white girl in a coffe bath? ;-)

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Guest commenter

La Foto es lo mejor. Quizás el concepto no sea el mejor, pero la fotografía es excelente... Annie eres la mejor!!!

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Crisp One
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Romulus and Remus

Cool take on it.

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The Capitoline She-Wolf. Glad to see someone here remembers their Art History class.

The photography is nothing spectacular, don't like how she's holding the cup, and I would expect a naked chick from an Italian ad.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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You're right about the "naked chick" - it doesn't work with that bra on as it is about lactation.

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Javier Ramírez
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Y no que era una loba?
Me mintieron.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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This is a calendar, not an ad.

Boys, next time try to find an idea.

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Annie is a legend. The picture is anything but poor.

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Annie may be a legend, but even a legend can make the occasional gaffe. The lighting in this one in particular is borderline awful, all dark and moody for little more than just looking all dark and moody. I imagine she was saddled with concept (Annie's not one for facile "concepts" like this, from what I know of her work) and did the best she could, but, sorry, no cigar on this one.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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commercial artist
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I'd still love to see your amazing, brilliant, innovative, stellar, award-winning work.

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Roger Daly
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Mi dispiace. :(

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I'm with the postman, Annie lose the bra and shoot the right angle or show a little nipple.

As long as your having fun at the end of a beating.

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exactly Romulus and Remus!

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Crisp One
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hey man, some don't like people to put up work that might somehow be related, or might remind you of another ad. didn't you read the rules?

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Guest commenter

I find the picture great but the concept is not too strong.

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First: was this ad only for the Italian market, or was it used internationally?
I think the idea with the two kids representing Romulus and Remus is qite good, however, how many "average people" know/remember the story? especially outside Europe..?
It can be quite easy to lose the audience with messages demanding some sort of prior knowledge.

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This reference is present on school study in most of countries, Brazil included. I know the history, anyone knows. Sorry for the poor english.

Creative Director

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Tripioso (on Gu...

Deberia estar desnuda, como la loba. jejejeje

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