Lavazza: Italian, 2

Advertising Agency: Armando Testa, Turin, Italy
Creative Director: Michele Mariani
Art Director: Andrea Lantelme
Copywriter: Cristiano Nardò
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz

November 2008


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woooowww nicee!

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Guest commenter

Very nice but...
why a woman?

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too different !!!!!

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you got to be kidding!


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the woman in the cup is imitating da vinci's vetruvian man which shows the perfection of the human the woman holding a lavazza cup in the midst of her perfect, it means that the coffee is perfection too.

this works in italy because there people are a lot more cultured and art oriented than in other parts of the world. take into consideration that italy has over 60% of the world's art...

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The vitrubian man has been used a million of times before, the matter is how you use it, not just using it.

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Guest commenter

Not the same.Different concept & idea....i like this.

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Guest commenter

So the one in the cup is a daVinci drawing what are the other two paintings Leibovitz is referencing?

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Different because here there isn't any idea.
In the other there is.

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Different because here there isn't any idea.
In the other there is.

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Guest commenter

Please, is Annie Leibovitz behind the lens... The Best. Good Concept and excelent production.

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Javier Ramírez
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Bonita foto, pero no sé si me transmite "experiencia".
El café es más que la taza
Italia es más que Da Vinci.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Seguro que tienes razón, pero hacer publicidad significa reducir a lo más importante, no?

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yep to different, da vinci.

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roi zhang
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Italy rule, Da Vinci.

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Guest commenter

da vinci, should be a naked man

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Roger Daly
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Cliche. End of story.
Regardless if Italians did it.

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Vitruvian woman drinking coffee... whatta mess!

| Everartz |

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Guest commenter

wondering , where is the product .. its not the cup for sure, its not the woman, and for sure its not Da Vici ;)

guys, creativity got not limits but please respect "brand character " ( this ad wont ever sell )

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Guest commenter

"done before" "done before", its not the same as adidias ad
i think its cool and fits right in the italian culture da vinci and expresso

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I can't believe some people connected this to the adidas ad.

I quite like this ad, and especially the fact that "Lavazza = Italy" message permeates through evey single pixel. I think it only works to their benefit.

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Barbara M.

I like it also! And it has nothing to do with the Adidas-Ad! Grafic-Design, and.. I'm a Grafic-Designer, is a work what lives from inspirations, but this is an ad what is very different of that of adidas.

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Tripioso (on Gu...

we can not say it is done. Tha adidas ad is totally diferent, because it focuses on flexibility, adrenalyne, and action. This one ressembles the human body drawings from Da Vinci.

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