Landscape and Animal Park Goldau: Bear

The Zoo without bars.

Advertising Agency: Advico Y&R, Zurich, Switzerland
Chief Creative Officer: Markus Gut
Creative Directors: Martin Stulz, Dominik Oberwiler
Art Director: Fabian Esslinger
Copywriter: Patrick Bucher
Photographer: Andrea Vedovo
Retouching: Alex Herzog / Red Department
Consultants: Ramun Knapp, Christoph Schwarz
Published: December 2012


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Pretty bad retouching. They should have used different trees. Or at least done a better job of disguising it's the same tree clipped out and pasted over and over.

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i liked the idea but i totally agree with Spanky.

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Haha, this ad is simply not true. It suggests that dangerous animals like bears are running around freely in Goldau, which is not the case. The only animals running around free are harmless ones like goats, deer etc. Bears, wolves are behind wire mesh fences. The animal park Goldau is targeted to families with children feeding them... Just imagine a pack of wolves joining the feeding...

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God idea but bad retouching...


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not the best of ideas.

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This is the the exact copy of this

how can you people copy ideas even execution.

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