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Cant quite figure how the headline works with the image. Clunky headline (maybe the translation).

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done before... a campaign who's line read.. travel before its too late. and it showed the visual of a rainforest with a neon-lit hoarding in it.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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and that way the idea works and is funny. here, i agree, the idea is executed the exact wrong way

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It's a different angle here, I guess. If people watch a program about some exotic sites they will be bothered by advertisement. So they should better go there for real. That's what I get here. Doesn't work out well, though.

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Nitin Gupta

I Like Idea

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I don't usually notice this type of thing, but pretty bad photoshop for BBDO, no?

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I dont like it, and this people dont have photoshop


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Maybe its just the translation thats awkward. As is, the ad is giving people a reason NOT to travel.

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photoshop? idea? creativity?

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No dejen que suban avisos como este aquí, les ruego...y si lo hacen no digan que son de Ecuador...hacen quedar mal, habemos mucho que estamos sudando vidrio molido para sacar adelante al país y a la región, no nos tiren de regreso al principio.

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Este tipo de comentarios son los que no dejan subir al pais...en lugar de construir destruyen, y la verdad ¨sudando vidrio molido¨ adonde está la creatividad que respalde eso?

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Construcción? supongo que con eso pides una crítica constructiva. Pues bien, un retoque realmente lamentable para comunicar una idea más que mala, mediocre, todo esto con un copy que en lugar de cerrar el concepto, lo contradice incoherentemente.

Y si quieres ver una gota de todo el vidrio molido que estamos sudando:

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Que portafolio tan horrible! Eso es vidrio molido? Jajajajajajajaja. Idiota.

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Me gusta...siento que el copy no es el adecuado...en todo caso es lo mejor que he visto del Ecuador.

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Entonces no has visto nada.

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sorry, but this tells me i'd see the same advertisements during my travels that i'd see on tv.

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that is the idea...

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Huh? A travel company wants you to use their services to go and visit a beautiful land bombarded with billboards? I kind of doubt that. Put this ad next to XYZ Travel Company's ad that depicts the same land – without all the crap I see everyday at home – and I'm gonna call XYZ.

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conoces Machu Picchu? se nota que ni has estado ahi! anda burla un patrimonio de tu país... verdad solo tienen plátanos y a Aguinaga

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Yo conozco, solo inditos...

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Yo conozco, solo inditos...

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La idea no pasa nada... muy forzado

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..........It Sux

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Que uidea hasta el Culo.....tenia ke ser de Ecuador....solo a un mono se le ocurre hacer tremenda babosada...nO??......

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Que idea hasta el Culo.....tenia ke ser de Ecuador....solo a un mono se le ocurre hacer tremenda babosada...nO??......

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Hermanos latinoamericanos:
¿Qué pasó con la crítica constructiva?

Por mi parte, al ver esto..... prefiero ver televisión....


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Se contradice, el lugar parece el destino del viaje, y esta lleno de publicidad?.

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Way too much reason. I think this is better understood with the initial feeling.

A beautiful landscape with all those publicity panels. It bugs the eye.
That´s it.

Happens the same when watching TV (discovery channel i guess?)

Anyway, Kalpesh78 is right, this is not fresh, but i think it gets to the point: turn it off and get out there.