Land Rover: Mountaintop

The 2010 Range Rover. Because the real New Zealand begins where the roads come to an end.

The GPS coordinates show the actual vehicle location.

Advertising Agency: R+W Advertising, Las Vegas, USA
Creative Director: Scott Robertson
Art Director: Scott Robertson
Copywriter: Scott Robertson
Photographer: Scott Robertson
Retoucher / Designer: Dan Leszczynski

March, 2010


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Amazing photography. That's all.

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Phil Lestino
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Unfortunately they also drive this 4x4 on busy city streets....not also but almost exclusively.
In England I have not met one 4x4 driver that does more than commite between his home and his office in these monsters.

I think 4x4s should be put on the scrapheap and remembered as a bad idea.

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That's in England honey......

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Mr. Scott Robertson is like Mr. Orson Wells, always in control of aspect of the production: photography, copy, art and creative direction. But, your photography skills are just amazing. I am so jealous. I liked the cars on those pictures: small in comparison with the immensity of the wilderness. Well-done. I like it anyway.

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Lovely photography. Tight line. I wish the car was not in the shot. Otherwise, very nice.

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The first is the best

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ek kanya
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amazing. love land rover. only theycan claim this territory.

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