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I think the guy is Australian.. That's no cloth I've ever seen..

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Jaap Grolleman
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I don't really get it. Is that some sort of cleaning towel? And his hands dirty and his cloths not? Hmm.

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Interpretations below make sense. Still, ad is neither competitive nor particularly original. Another prosaic ad from LandRover.

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Instead of oil, its dirt, mud and earth.

Because land rovers go everywhere.

And you have to clear away the dirt first.


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I think it means that Land Rover mechanics always get their hand dirty.

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i like the idea, but the towel in his hands look a little bit crasy.

@ jackmancer: "And his hands dirty and his cloths not?" come on... dont think too much - the hands must go on ;-)

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Roger Keynes
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Yeah, we already know that. No real brand insight here.

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Anonymous Author
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Looks creepy; a crime has been committed.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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hmmm... I think the towel should be simplified. What's that thing made of anyway?!
sheep's wool?!

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Nice Idea, but....i works, I guess. Nice brand reinforcement for Land Rover drivers, but attracting a new driver, not really.

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clean uniform? too good to be true.

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

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m'agrada! és molt "Land Rover".

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i liked it. good insight, great execution. guys keep up the good work. Thumps Up!

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i quite like it. good work fellas. keep it up.

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There are morons on this site...

Only 1 out of 13 got it right...

That's why the industry is in the state it is in...

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its a nice idea, however it means: Mud, breaks Land Rover?
There should be something else in the ad which shows its not a mechanic problem but its routine control...

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I think the problem is the mud and dirt isn't clear enough. I doesn't stand out that much from his skin.

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ARE YOU SERIOUS?! None of you find the classical painting in all of this?! I'm 16 and I see the Hand of God in this! Hahaha. It's an ancient Michaelangelo Painting. I hate you for your ignorancy. Go look and see the relevance.

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Ok, your not 16, and u are from the agency Mr guest.
And if it is la creation of michael ang. it means nothing.
Bad concept it has nothing to do with the common sense.

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old but clever.

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why is the mud in his hands pretty dry?

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I got the "hand of God" thing from the start but still not sure of the message. A mechanic in the ad gives me the idea that your truck died and this guy brought it back to life.

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simplesmente d mais

muito d+

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Looks like he tried to fix his land rover after it broke down 100 feet from the dealership....

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I think the guy is Australian.. That's no cloth I've ever seen..