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Is this supposed to encourage people to go beyond city borders to the nature as there's not much use of Land Rover in the city? I'm not quite sure about the message and its effectiveness...

besides, the name of the location is too subtle. the art direction could've been better...

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This ad is for a toy car????

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i think the message is that by using a land rover, big mountains and rivers will feel as just any bump you would find in an ordinary street.
but it's a stretch and it's confusing.
the message has no power at all.

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Actually, when you do get it, you'll know it's a pretty simple idea. But it feels a bit confusing getting there...

The idea is they're taking imperfections and/or peculiarities of a familiar city street/road (cobble stone street, a crack, a little pothole, etc.) and likening them to a landscape in the wilderness. Thus, the Picadilly "pond" or Kensington St. "creek" or what have you...

It requires a little brain work and some imagination on viewers' part. Which, to some, is an unwelcomed thing especially when you don't have time to figure things out.

I like the work for the simple fact that it's "on strategy."

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i am all for ads that require brain work and imagination, but that should happen over the first few seconds after you see the ad, and then the viewer must have a pay off, a reward for spending time with the idea.

in this case, even when i got the use of the common street to resemble the wilderness, i didn't get the message behind it: are they saying the land rover is for urban use and off road as well? are they saying something else?

with the exception of teasers, people should never walk away from an ad wondering what it was about, if that happens, the ad failed. in this case i think that's what happened. maybe it's due to the execution. maybe there is an idea there after all, but it's elusive, and therefore, i think, uneffective. but that's just my opinion. let's see more comments.

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just dont get it

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Any idea that takes more than a minute to understand is a bad idea. On this scale, it seriously is a bad ad. Too much of confusion.

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sorry guys, i get it, i like it.

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how does this sell Land Rovers?

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