Land Rover: Inuktitut Path Puzzle

Inuktitut Path Puzzle - Starting at the arrow, move along the path to connect the letters in such a way that they spell a famous quote. Some letters can be used more than once. You can also move forward and backward along the path.

To promote the globe-trotting spirit of the Land Rover. Each execution features ordinary puzzles in scripts of exotic languages from far corners of the world. This created an interactive yet cost-effective way to highlight the Land Rover brand's thirst for adventure.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Executive Creative Director: Shahir Zag
Creative Director / Art Director / Writer: Komal Bedi Sohal
Creative Director / Writer / Art Director: Shahir Zag
Account Planner: Nadine Ghossoub

December 2009


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I have no time to read this ad.(but i love the idea... )

Simple ideas are the best !

cboccia's picture
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Clearly communicates the brand in a way that's fun and totally non-invasive for the reader. In fact, I bet readers even feel a little bit cool for "discovering" and understanding the ad. Cool idea.

--Casey Boccia
Carton Donofrio Partners

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This kinda stuff bores me. People need something interesting to look at.

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I agree - this is not exciting at all

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