Land Rover: Goggles

Discovery 4

Advertising Agency: RKCR/Y&R, London, UK
Creative Directors: Mark Roalfe, Graham Lang
Art Director: Tim Brookes
Copywriter: Phil Forster
Photographer: Andy Green
Typographer: Lee Aldridge

April 2010


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very good~

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nice and simple

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Love it...

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this is different compared to the other.


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So, this is the ad that ran, and the other 3 are the ones the client killed, right?

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nice one

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Beautiful photography and post production; ok concept.

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whats the concept?

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I think it's, well I guess it's "Where there is a Landrover, there is a way"... :)

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Land Rover goes thru different terrains.

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So the setting is the concept itself? Or the similarity of the windshield and the glasses? I can't be so excited about that.

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The similarity you are referring to is just a visual effect intended to give this otherwise boring ad some pizazz. I am not excited about Land Rover advertising in general.

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Says a lot without saying anything at all.

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thank you alexander ... we were close to this statement, but it was way far to simplify it so good.

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Very clear & simple idea...

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i don't get it. i'm serious. can someone explayn? i see the similarity between the goggles and the what?

i'm here because i'm procrastinating

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oh its easy, u go on a meeting and u first ask ur client how are the kids. Than u make an appointment meeting about some drinking event with lots of girls and after several jokes about life, u open this slide. And u say : u see we want to connect the power of the car with a human power. ofcourse u have to drive them so far away from the question why they are outside of the car, and other similar questions connected to logic , that u might come to this point of the earth like on this pic.. And than u blabber about this for another half hour,try to say that they discover together,or whatever comes on ur mind... And after ur session of poetic motivational speech, client start to beLIEve with u in what u said and nobody thinks about logic anymore. everybody is happy, and somebody even might by the car.

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am with atb 2005...Landrover doesnt need ads...n top of it, ads lik these?? I simply am unable to connect those neat n clean goggles with the windsheild of d car...Dont know wat the guys at Y&R thot...may be that the public would be unable to pick the ad and in the process think that it got some real, cut above the rest message hidden underneath... But sorry, its simply pissing!

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Jason RIeff
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Really great work!

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