Land Rover: Eye, 1

DISCOVERY 4. Keep an eye on your surroundings with the 5 Camera Surround-System.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Berlin, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Jan Leube
Creative Directors: Markus Rieser, Esben Ehrenreich
Art Director: Bernd Claussen
Copywriter: Ralph Stieber
Photographer: Markus Thums

December 2012


61designstreet's picture
247 pencils

Nice design..

OscarSalas's picture
155 pencils

It's nice, but it doesnt place a car in my head, in print you have to read the tiny white-against-black letters in order to even get what the design is about, it takes a lot of examining to get the message, and even then im sure Land Rover has more appealing features than cameras, which arent car-related.

tirthomitro's picture
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i sorta' agree with OscarSalas

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

BLACKPIXEL's picture
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i liked it good one

sacrilegend's picture
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Nice. On seeing the visual, I was hoping the pay-off would be something about how Land Rovers can help you see the world -- but I understand the message and appreciate the whole composition.

faissalo's picture
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This art doesn't warrant the end line. I agree with sacrilegend.

Nice init

Brandon Marlo's picture
Brandon Marlo
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Art is really sucky...

ironman1979's picture
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inspiration source here:

Advertising in funnier than making weapons.

Samson Muthiah's picture
Samson Muthiah
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Nice presentations all 3 .


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