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Very good, well done.

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Very good (copy), well done (several times before)

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It were better as ambient.

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It's a completely different idea that just happens to involve a bridge. Look and think before you speak.

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You are absolutely right. Nice idea.
Got nothing to do with smart.

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nice, I really like it

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I think, as Mr.djakuza seid, its similar to the smart car idea.Smart car tried to ramp over the bridge, at least tried.But this car staid back, the smart idea was better.For me idea is same, only the execution is different, both the executions tells about the grip, power and speed of the car.But I think the grip and the power depends upon the tyre of the car.May be the car has got much power but, if the tyre is smooth or, if the road was oiled, then the car looses its grip.Anyway, I am a student please excuse and currect me, if I am wrong.

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Land Rover's story is one of conquering a mountain peak. Smart tells the story of using a bridge as a ramp. Both stories are analogies for certain brand benefits. But if the only stories being told in advertising were straight-up product benefits, then everything would have been done before…

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Get the bridge = mountain analogy
but not feeling
Go beyond
in this context.
More like, balless to

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good...... but little care to be taken in art wrk

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Good point that you're making there mate "balless to jump" but take it from this view pont right, if the smart car was balless to jump, do you think it would have held as well as the defender in this case? Well, do ya chump?

He who dominates often has no real friends...

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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ok work...

| Everartz |

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funny. Nice.

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