Land Rover: Crossing

Advertising Agency: Y&R Italy
Executive Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Fabio Dimalio
Copywriter: Saverio Lotierzo
Photographer: Giacomo Biagi
Group Client Director: Marco Ruggeri
Account Manager: Roberta Lancieri

March 2010


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Años sesenta, ilustrado, un ideón.

La mentira bien escrita suele ser corajuda.

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have seen it before

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Finally good stuff from italy

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Nice and simple.

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If it's a "crossing", then they should use the more obvious "xing" sign. This looks like a "be careful" or "ahead" -type sign.

Unless this is a very clear "crossing" sign in Italy?


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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No crossing.

It's "Land Rover road" (only).

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You are right, this is a "be careful" kind of sign. That is why this ad is just right: it's like beware of deers / boars etc., they may cut across the road - be careful, our car may cut across the road, bursting through the snow-wall (Nothing has to do with traffic crossing, misleading title.)

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agree, i think the crossing sign should be yellow


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in 2010?!

oh, my...

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Maybe we have to start judging ads by the criteria that it is comprehensible or not. It is doing its job, or not. If I look at this print, do I understand what the people who made it wanted me to understand? If yes - OK, if not - there is a problem. THIS IS THE ROLE OF ADVERTISING. For genius art, color, geometrical composition, photography, graphic design I strongly recommend you people to go to a musem/art gallery/ start painting, sculpting, etc. Advertising is lying. Those who lie better, win. The rest are posting ghost adworks on websites and judging them as if they would eat a chocolate or an ice cream. So, when I will see a real adwork, one who sold a lot of products and in the same time is golden lion, then I will make a bow.

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wow, I just love people who think "art" is jeaulosy-free, unique, "we-don't steal-ideas", marketing-free zone.

explain Damien Hirst to me.
please, let me hear it. I hadn't have a good laugh for a while. please. the mike is yours.

than I'll mock you out of this planet.

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Done so many times...

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I am glad they re-done it. Showing the car totally ruins the old ad.

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Nicely said!

If this ad or any of the other ads in this campaign should ever win an award, let me know. Also, we have a flagrant case of plagiarism (one star less). Shame on you, Y&R, Italy. Nissan's x-trail ad, being the original, is better.

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I like the idea. Such a shame that it's a copy (4 stars less...) - although I do prefer it without the car !

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SO had enough of half-baked Land Rover ads...

The same applies here as the Playstation comment...

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Seen it before. And before. And before.

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there's the teasing version of the x-trail one, without car. exactly the same ad. two or three years ago in cannes. no prize.

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