Land Rover Commercial Vehicles: Play, 1

Discovery Commercial makes work play.

Advertising Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Mark Roalfe
Copywriter: Mike Boles
Advertiser's Supervisor: Cathy Powell
Planner: Angie Ma
Account Manager: Lucy Harries
Art Director: Jerry Hollens
Photographer: Nadav Kander
Typographer: Lee Aldridge


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I was wondering when someone was going to use this technique for an ad. Not sure this is the best use of it, but well done for being first. A TV ad using the technique would be cool. There are examples on some a Sydney photographer's website. i can't remember his name.

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I think those are actual miniatures, which has been done many times for 'small prices' and 'world's smallest this or that'. This technique photographs real things in such a way as they look like miniatures. It sounds kinda pointless, but as you can see, looks kinda cool.

The posters below have reminded me of the name of the technique which I had forgotten: 'Tilt shift'. A Sydney photographer has a lot of examples on his website, including some very, very cool stop moving image action stuff.

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Keith Loutit

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Thanks. Yes Keith Loutit and tilt shift. Did he invent the technique? He was certainly the first I saw use it.

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Clever use of tilt shift.

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the use of a nice technique in quite an obvious way...

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Agreed, it was only a matter of time for the old tilt shift ads.

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