Land Rover: Colour Swatches

Advertising Agency: Y&R Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Liam Wielopolski
Creative Director: Ian Franks
Copywriter: Leon Kotze
Art Director: Rory Welgemoed

May 2011


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Reality Check
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Ultimately, what makes "Land Rover: Colour Swatches" engaging is not the colour swatches. It's the accumulation of little details, like the geographic coordinates and colour names.

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mary crazy
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Kinda cliche.

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Private joke for art directors ;-)

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Reality Check
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@ Manoma,

That's not true.

For example, if you ever been tasked with choosing a colour of paint for your bedroom wall, swatches wouldn't be unfamiliar.

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Ok may be i'm a little hard on my judgment, but the hidden side of my reflexion, is that i think that announcement is very cold, for a "dream car"...
And the question is : what do we choose, the color of the journey? or of the vehicle? Here that seems the second.. and that's a little poor (in my opinion of course).

In the same time, on the same page, for the same brand, i love this :

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I dont think you're hard I think you're right. Swatches are not widely used. Many might not know what they are for.


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These are instantly recognizable as paint chips. Nobody would miss it.

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Pantone again? ; /

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Marko Gucunski
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Nice idea. and if i was prepress operator looking for suv, this would be -spot on!-

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