Lancia: Batman

Lancia confesses its passion for great movies

Advertising Agency: Armando Testa, Turin, Italy
Creative Director: Raffaele Balducci
Art Directors: Dario D'Angelo, Vito Scandolo
Copywriter: Costanza Masi
Illustrator: OneMore

May 2010


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as usual... bad Italian print!


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This campaign is a continuation of Lancia's 2008 campaign, by the same agency. From that campaign, we have only one image on this site. Since I am usually being contrarian, I am going to say that I kinda like this art direction. We have a marriage between Lancia and great epic movies, and what do all those movies have in common? Beautiful inspiring cinematography or visuals. The photography and post production here are brilliant. Even if most people don't get the copy or the concept behind this campaign, I am sure they would appreciate the ultra sleek look of this image (after all, the first thing you notice about the Delta Hardblack is its contemporary sophisticated look).

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ek kanya
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great visuals.

am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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I mostly agree with ATB, but My main problem is the car (which is what we're selling here) looks awful.
I don't mind CGI cars when they're done well, this one is "lit" with the most bizarre set of lights considering the scenario it's set in.

I would venture even the darkest glass/metal would reflect it's surroundings and not just pick up bright highlight's.

A very good attempt, the movie mood has really paid off, shame more attention wasn't given to the product.

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Nice Art. Good Job.

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Tell me the true dude. You or somebody else of your agency made this piece of shit! You create your account now just to exalt your own (bad) work. Shame on you!

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you're wrong.

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You know that i'm right, stupid italian

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Italian Crap

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I like the visual part... just forget the car...

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L. Wiesen
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agree....the rest of it's nice...

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nice art direction, nice atmosphere

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The paintwork is matt black, hence no reflections. Lancia is the first European manufacturer to offer matt black paint on their vehicles. This vehicle combines the latest Diesel and Petrol Engine technologies. Additionally, Lancia has reverted back to its pre-Fiat owned days by sponsoring the arts. In recent years they have been sponsoring film festivals and this is the connection they're trying to make. Other campaigns involve supporting the release of Aung San Suu Kyi who has been under house arrest by the Chinese in Burma. They also support the Nobel Peace Prize and had a major piece of product placement in Angels and Demons. The cars in the chase were Deltas.

I think this is an excellent piece of advertising masquerading as art, but I guess you need to have a little more than a peanut for a brain to understand it.

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