Lance!: Wall

Hamburg, 1974.
No wall.
Berlin, 1989.
No wall.
L! You see first in sports.

Advertising Agency: Heads Propaganda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: Flavio Medeiros, Luis Christello, Kike Borell
Art Director: Fernando Maciel
Copywriters: Rafael Simi, Flavio Medeiros
Illustrator: Manipula
Published: February 2011


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i dont get anything!

| Everartz |

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Oh Brazil, you've done it again.

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The Boss
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Curious, what`s your problem with Brazil? You can`t take some people actions by the role country.

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No problem with Brazil, it's just that around 90% of the work from there really seems to be really really bad. I take your point though, it does seem like I'm picking on the country, not the people making the work, will be more careful on that score in future. Apologies.

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The picture is great, I love it, but I don't understand the point that the ad is trying to get across.

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This Curious guy seems not to know that Brazil was third in Cannes. Third most creative country in the world.

Study more about advertising, please. Brazil`s work is amazing.

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I'm basing my bias on work I've seen here in the past half year, not the prizes awarded in

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