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December 2012

Diario Lance! is a daily sports publication from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The idea is to show that Lance! covers all the details of sports so readers don't miss anything.

Print advertisment created by Heads Propaganda, Brazil for LANCE!, within the category: Media.

All the details of sports.

Advertising Agency: Heads Propaganda, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Fabio Miraglia
Art Director: Sergio Takahata
Copywriter: Rafael Mattioli
Illustrator: Fuze Image Maker

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disassemble to build

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oh i see it in this one. dont think it works for the product.

looks like the old execution used for photographs, and for skateboarders, and it was tried to be applied to a sports magazine but ends up just being forced.

if it was for some kind of live-sports radio commentary "get the play by play" or "dont miss a step" or idk. THEN it would be less forced and actually work.

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Andrej Troha
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Brilliant work!! This almost belongs in a gallery.

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nice visual, but what detail? al the "frames" are stepping on each other, you actually can´t see any detail...

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Perfect Campaign ! I Like this one all of them

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

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Brandon Marlo
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Nice visual.