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I've seen something like this before. Maybe it's lost in translation, but why would the shoes ever be outside of the coffin?

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um...it's in the tag: "Last wish".....it was the dead people's last wish to be seen in their fashionable shoes.

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along with decomposing, and 'odourous' feet

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Like it in a morbidly funny way; show me a morbidly funny woman who wears shoes like that.

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nice gaijin
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My last wish is to take all the money for a real coffin and buy an ugly pair of shoes instead.

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Pure genius!

"I should be put on pillory for getting my id spelling wrong!!"-Self

He[Michelangelo] himself claimed to speak to no one, to "have no friends, and don't want any." (http://hlla.com/reference/mb-bio.html)

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Why the "Last wish" it's make like a signature? It's just to put the titular more beautifull?. I d'ont understand...
I'm not sure i like this one... But maybe it's Monday!

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BTW, to the guy who is in charge of coloribus.com : making us pay to view the ads full screen, is really cheap ...

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Sorry, but this is not very apealing.

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Margaret Gay
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Stigset...you are absolutely right...however the paedia ads were better...

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i find these clever, the shadows are terrible though.

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This is bad dudes; that is not a coffin it looks like them boxes magicians use! I believe we are dealing with death, get the second ad, just not the first!

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