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Building your website, as easy as doing your job.

Case film:

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Italia, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Francesco Guerrera, Nicola Lampugnani
Art Directors: Mattia Montanari, Luciano Marchetti, Luca Sala
Copywriter: Anna Palamà, Valentina Barone
Photographer: Alice Pedroletti
Print Producers: Federico Fornasari, Manuela Mombelli
Make Up production: Dadomani
Production Company: FirstFloorUnder

June 2011


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MarioLuigi Bros
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An so? What about the product?

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well...the product IS the website you're looking at, made by the same things your company produces.

i think you don't like it just because itìs from italy. but it's a pity, i think is a nice campaign.

i'm here because i'm procrastinating

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