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yeah. i love edgy words

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you could have change at least a little the background.. it's the same in both ads

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Grace Bastien

Not the most original play on words...
but then, if you drink that shit your probably not the most original person...
sad thing is, it probably sells.

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A stranger abroad
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No I don't think bacon comes from cows. What was the point again?

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so the point is you shouldn't drink it

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The client will absolutely love you for the big pack shot.

He will see in your face branding.

However, sometimes it’s better to reduce the size of the pack shot. This, to create a sequence in the decoding of your message. Especially if the product is part of the idea where it plays the clue.

Big reading first, aha-moment later, a bit more hidden.

Also I would have liked a freshly poured glass next to the bottle, so the personal salute would relate more emotionally.

Think the product name allows the concept though. Edgy words are always a nice read. Puts a twinkle in your eye.

Still, I doubt if it’s a good thing to name so many farm and animal related stuff in the headings. The distinction of the brand & product name just becomes an scrambled egg with such close by associations and references. The core gets lost in its surroundings.

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whats with all the meat references? so ghey.

canada sucks.

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what?? you mean bacon doesn't come from cows?!

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Uh, you guys are missing the point. It's saying that while you come from a line of farmers, you don't know anything about farm animals... hence you're a black sheep in the family.

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