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1475 pencils

Is there no better insight than, 'it's fast'. Also, it's a beautiful photograph but you've ruined it with a messy layout and unbalanced typography.

Blahg's picture
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Typography ruins it. The idea had potential though. Nice try.

wht da fuk?'s picture
wht da fuk?

I don't get this ad.

Guestsdfghj's picture

Is a vectorbased image!

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Guys... sometimes somebody with not much brain cells should be quiet. It's awesome! Since it's student work I don't care much about the design. Just a perfect and very different ad for Lamborghini. Congrats!

Conceptual-eyes's picture
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I think you mean not 'many' brain cells, smart-ass.

enzo's picture

wow man, either you're a student yourself or this is your lousy work you're defending...as an alum of the school, you should start learning to take criticism and not take it personal...think smarter not harder before making an ad next time. "ron and pippa"

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Should have been more subtle.

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Concept not earth moving but ok.
10 minutes refining layout, balance, and typography would polish up fine.

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just from the point of view of a self-professed "car guy", it's a very pretty image and the idea is cute, but if I was the kind of guy who would buy a Lamborghini, i don't need cute tag lines telling me that it's fast...I already know it's fast, that's why I'd even consider buying one in the first place. the text would need to play on the car's exclusivity and exoticism. at the moment, it cheapens the view of the car; the tone is more appropriate for a VW ad.

but i'm picking nits...as a creative advertising photography student myself, i only wish I could submit work this pretty! for student work, this is damn fine...but in the future one should just consider the image of the car in a greater context than simply "believe me, it's fast".

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"Aspire higher."

My response to your comment and a better tag line.

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I don't see how this is clever at all, everyone knows that it's a fast car, just look at it and by telling us that it fast backwards to!! so what!! i agree with mikeyg it cheapens the brand and this is brand that don't really need to advertise the "official" lambo ad that one a new york festival ws quite nice but the above i find a waste of space!!

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The writer

Thanks to those who gave some interesting feedback! And thanks to those for ripping it...

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The photography's just ripped from some website... There's tons of nice pictures out there of cars. All Bastian did was ripping the pic from the Internet and adding the bad typography with Photoshop.

The writer's picture
The writer

To GuestLove: How did you know? I agree that the design really needs work. But we got briefed in school by the german Lamborghini agency. Now you

The Writer's picture
The Writer

I'm trying to say is that I surely take on any criticsm but not lies and stupid rumors. Why are you guys that radical in your comments and talk like people from underclass. I haven't read an inspiring comment on this site for a long time. I get the feeling that a lot of people in the advertising industry are unbalanced. I think you guys need to have more sex...

ki's picture
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chill out buddy, don´t pay attention to the load of bullshit you read here. It's a good student work, better than others made for "creative directors"

VisionOfDivision's picture

''more sex'' LOL...I can't believe someone who is supposed to be creative comes out with something THAT obvious...

man, you should improve your ideas.


mikeyg's picture

i agree with sentiments of "The Writer"...i've been lurking this site for a while and a lot of you guys are unnecessarily harsh. there are more rude and mean-spirited comments than constructive. your defense for being so blunt is, of course, "well that's how it is in the industry." but deep down, a lot of you guys only wish you made it in the industry, and it merely makes you feel better about your own inadequacies to harshly critique someone else's efforts.

there's a lot of negativity on this site...maybe a lot of you guys are jaded, but in my own naive point of view, i think constructive criticism and encouragement can do greater good than "IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE! WEAK CONCEPT! BUGGER OFF! SO BORING!"

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yeah, the more i think about it, metaphors are all you need for a brand like Lamborghini. a wicked picture of a bull getting ready to charge would suffice. the car doesn't even need to be in the ad. Mercedes can get away with text-free ads, presenting the car as a work of art; surely Lamborghini can take a similar approach, they definitely don't need gimmicks to sell their brand. also, the reflection in the floor reminds me of iPod advertisements on the Mac website. the lighting is sick though, i'm going to use that style next time i photograph a car.

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Members of the jury, keep your cool for Pete's sake. This is student work, and to be quite frank it's pretty rad for a learner - he's probably getting good grades too... SFX: chuckle, chuckle.

crave's picture

interesting concept.

mr.creamcheese's picture

*LOL* and again: *LOL*!!

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well said! i totally agree with what you said about this site and the certain people who put comments on it.

hello's picture

BJ...? Blow Job...?

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Writer, I'll tell you what I think. The concept is the only concept that applies to this tipe of cars: speed. So, to those who said nice concept, is a simple an really common one (which is not bad, is what you must say, just that). There are thousands ways to show this concept. I think this one is not the best. It's not relevant for the target. It's not insightful. And I dont' think it's witty, too. It looks like a typical adolescent smug comment. And this is Lamborghini.
Sorry for my english.

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school ad for sure

Maxwedge's picture
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Top speed? If you have to ask you can't afford it.

CC3's picture

Lamborghini's are fast? Get out of here... seriously they're fast? Who would have known?

Where is the USP?

So are Ferrari's, Porsche's, Astin Martin's, Mustangs, Bentley's, Bugatti's, etc. See where I'm going with this. The insight is lame. Forgetable.

You should have really invested some time and spoke with a sales guy or two at a Lamborghini dealership, or hell, call the PR dept at Lamborghini, bet they would have given you some insight that would have lead you to a much better concept. If your instructors are giving you this assingment, have them contact folks with insights into the buyers of Lamborghini's. Dig deeper, try harder. That's what you do if you want to produce work that connects with the consumer.

Stay away from any Tabasco spec - everyone already knows it's hot.

Guest's picture

Really funny CC3

your really got nothing: lamborghini is about speed only – and this is it USP. I worked for Lamborghini, I even did test rides with the Gallardo (the model shwon as you know for sure...)
Tell me which car actually advertises speed in an offensive way? (I dont talk about made for the award show ads)
The backward speed is an outstanding fact which is hardly beaten by any of your mentioned cars.
The top speed backward is exactly a fact of such a kind you asked for ("dig deeper")
112 km/h backwards is a record and thus a fact much more interesting than generic metaphors which are used also for ads for the the Nissan Micra with 90 HP

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Typhography is surely not balanced, but the idea is nice.
I mean, If i had the money, i wouldn't buy a Lambo beacause it's elegant or exotic or whatever, in that case i'd buy an Aston Martin Vanquish or a BMW Z4 M, totally different cars.
This is no "rocket science": someone with that huge amount of money would buy a Lambo because it's ridiculously and amazingly fast! Simple and plain. And the Murcielago is a no-compromise car: it's outrageous, outrageously fast and outrageously expensive, who cares about elegance and concepts?!
In my opinion, sometimes is better relating with something too simple that with something too tricky.
Sorry for my bad english...

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