Lamborghini: Feels italian, Fast food

Feels italian. Wherever you are.
Lamborghini. Born in Sant' Agata Bolognese.

We experience a Lamborghini in various places around the world – Mexico, the USA, England, etc. But from the driver’s point of view, each of the stereotypical national scenes look pretty Italian. A brand campaign which demonstrates in a surprising manner that Lamborghini is the quintessential Italian sports car manufacturer. After all, the company does have its roots in Sant’ Agata Bologna.

Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Diether Kerner, Oliver Ramm
Art Director: Sönke Schmidt
Copywriter: Daniel Hoffmann
Photographer: Arthur Mebius

February 2008


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A. What exactly is it that feels Italian about this situation? A couple of middle-aged fat white cowboys sipping espresso? Really?

B. I don't buy the concept throughout this campaign. It does nothing for Lamborghini except to say that it is Italian. But so is Ferrari. So what?

C. Who is the target for this campaign? Because it doesn't look to me like the demographic that could (and would) buy a $200,000 sports car.

I guess what I'm saying is that I don't feel like this is right for Lamborghini. It does nothing to advance the brand for me. I would expect more from one of the most exclusive brands in the world.

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there is nothing to add. except: i totally agree

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XL! Do you want to be my facebook friend?

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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100% agree!
I've NEVER used the word "scam" on here before, but THIS feels very much like a scam ad. Totally off-brand. Sometims an agency (or creatives, rather) will approach an auto dealership with a spec campaign idea for a certain brand. At that point it has a dealer information and their logo and all the necessary elements to make the sell. But once it's out the door and actually produced, these guys would take out everything leaving only the car brand's logo (and the headline if there is one) come time to submit it to awards shows and so on. Just look at some of the more recent awards books (most notably CA ad annuals.)

Besides, Lamborghini executives will NEVER, EVER sign off on an ad campaign without even a single shot of the car's exterior!

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Well, I think Philipp und Keuntje have been doing Lamborghini ads for a long time. I think they have a strong relationship to the company, it's not like a typical scam campaign.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Actually, I remember seeing them all. And I thought they were way off-brand back then and I still do now (especially after seeing these latest ads.) Maybe the word "scam" was a little too harsh, but I really believe these were not done for Lamborghini of Italy, but rather some Lamborghini dealership in Germany. And later they took all dealer info out of the ads (for show purposes.) I also truly believe that suits at Lamborghini HQ would never approve an ad campaign without even a single beauty shot of the "dream machine" just as Porsche or Ferrari wouldn't.
People love Countachs, Diablos and Murcielagos because (first and foremost) they look SO WICKED, not because you'll feel like you're in Italy...

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Yes, I agree with you. I speculate the agency thought the product shot is tired.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Then the agency probably doesn't understand the core target mindset.
Looking at a gorgeous picture of a Lamborghini is like a Penthouse centerfold to them. You know, sheet metal porn. They NEVER get tired of looking at them... (I'm sorry if I offended any female Lamborghini owners out there. ; )

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c saw
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What a nice coffee ad.

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Exactly. Nice idea. Wrong product.

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Mr. R
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Does the client even know, about this?

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Yep, yep and yep.

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Senhora Kolossa
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you guys talk about brand the whole time. dont think, you know anything about brand. he died 8. Oktober 1992. and this campaign is good work.
so are the creatives on this job. this ad makes me wanna buy lamborghini.

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