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Jon-Paul Mountford
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The photography isn't bad on this set, choice of colours is good.
Even tho it's night there should have been a few more details, and in this day of re touching someone should have done something to make that house more sinister.
It dosen't scarce me at all, take a look at the cg film "moster house" if you want to see how a scary house can be done well.


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The idea is exagerated .. but i like the composition of the image .. lighting is nice too.

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The only scary thing here is the idea :P

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it seems really forced, unless they intended some of that bollywood kind of humor for the piece, then maybe it works.

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The house making a face is such an old idea. Done in many films, movies and advertising...

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Good photography wasted on a bad concept. And a stupid line.

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Actually this one makes me more sense... The guys across the street don't reflect this urgence.

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Sure works in the native Indian Market, But ain't great at all.

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where is idea, it is so bad that i cant see any moore....
pls dont send this kind of B...S.... work.
come up with idea and thn show your works guy pls.

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very nice photography, finishing etc considering Kolkata

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