Lafa (The Stockholm County Aids Prevention Program): Waiter

This summer we're giving away 100 000 uniquely numbered condoms. See where each one ends up at

Advertising Agency: ESTER
Copywriters: Emma Zetterholm, Daniel Vaccino
Art Directors: Lotta Mellgren
Creative Director: Lotta Mellgren
Account Manager: Roger Kempe
Account Coordinators: Anna Wennerström, Emil Couch
Graphic designer: Dennis Hankvist

To celebrate safe sex Lafa are handing out 100 000 free condoms in Stockholm this summer. Every condom has been printed with a unique number (from no.1 to no.100 000) and at the campaign blog people can upload their own personal stories about what happens to their numbers. These teaser-ads were released day 1 of the campaign.


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this suck...

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I don't understand why the girl has a number also? She is not wearing the condom.

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Are you serious? They used the condom... to have sex. So... it's cheating, all of the ads.

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That's because she was banged.. By his "number"

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its simple...thy had it wid eachothr....thts y thy hv th same no....

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She has been banged by the waiter you moron

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say, this IS a great idea!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Only traitors use condoms?

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I absolutely love it!

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I think it funny.

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Very funny, good job ESTER.

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