Lafa (The Stockholm County Aids Prevention Program): Sombrero

This summer we're giving away 100 000 uniquely numbered condoms. See where each one ends up at

Advertising Agency: ESTER
Copywriters: Emma Zetterholm, Daniel Vaccino
Art Directors: Lotta Mellgren
Creative Director: Lotta Mellgren
Account Manager: Roger Kempe
Account Coordinators: Anna Wennerström, Emil Couch
Graphic designer: Dennis Hankvist

To celebrate safe sex Lafa are handing out 100 000 free condoms in Stockholm this summer. Every condom has been printed with a unique number (from no.1 to no.100 000) and at the campaign blog people can upload their own personal stories about what happens to their numbers. These teaser-ads were released day 1 of the campaign.


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Sad stories behind these beautiful people. I think it works. But hell... can a girl cheat like that ?

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Overall a cute campaign. I'm just relieved there wasn't a llama with a number over its head in this one.

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This really does the job. Im glad.

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So the hot girl is going to cheat on her boyfriend with an old man? Right.

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This one so jumped the shark. The first iteration was sharp, the second at least believable. But this one? Gong.

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So, all I gotta do is go to Stockholm, sell some sombrero's and I too will get to bang hot chicks like that???


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who said it was consensual? even rapists don't like teh aids.

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Emran Hayat
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F%&K the Ad, F%&K the concept... am so dissapointed to see ths HOT chick being shaged by ths old ugly freak... lol

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