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house alarm????????????????? i don get it..... somebody pls enlighten me

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not impressive

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resul ay
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i want it.... good work

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It's kinda lame... I guess the idea is that this furnitures are so cool even the sea people have them... Looks like first year student work.

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U have waterproof furniture?!!?


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razorsharp creative
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I agree with some of the other comments. Not too compelling. What is this ad communicating as the uniqueness of this furniture? When I look at this ad, what am I discovering that would make me want to look into buying this product? Am I in the market for waterproof furniture? Or am I a mermaid (merman)?

I would think a lot of furniture could be used by undersea creatures, but this ad isn't telling me why THIS particular set is something of merit, of note, of the kind of furniture I should be buying. Which means this ad is not doing its job...and neither are the folks at Inhouse El Grupo.

-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

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seems they were impatient to add some more bubbles! ; )


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...otherwise its......................... ugleeeee!


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Phil Lestino
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Oh dear the house has been flooded...will the insurance company pay up so they can replace this shit furniture with some nice stuff??

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