Lacplesis: Discover real life, Ski

Discover real life

Lacplesis Dzyvs is unpasteurized, fresh beer. In Latvia such beer is called “live” beer. The brand name, Lacplesis, means “Bear slayer” in Latvian. That’s why we have beers to represent this brand.

Advertising Agency: Astos Dizainas McCann Erickson, Vilnius, Lithuania
Creative Director: Jonas Valatkevicius
Art Director: Ernesta Valantiejute
Copywriter: Audrius Puidokas
Illustrator / Designer: Karolis Zukas

April, 2012


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I like this series of ads. Since Lacplesis means Bear Slayer, I'm glad they didn't go the violence with bears route! They kept it fun. This bear is winning (slaying?) at life!

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i love it
awesome Execution & Art Direction.

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Diffidently

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This type of fancy execution has been done forever and is just a pretext to hide the total lack of a good idea...

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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very nice ad

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Milan Solanki
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skiing has nothing to do with beer

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Just love how you write dzīvs, I mean I am native speaker of Latvian, but for a moment there I thought it says "juice" in some weir way ;)

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Could the line 'Discover real life' be interpreted as arrogant?

Two presumptions that no product can really live up to:

1. The viewer doesn't have a life.

2. Your product will give them all that they don't have.

These two principles I guess are probably useful. In a sense a lot of advertising is about something very similar: the promise that people will have a better life with your product.

But to say 'Discover real life' outright like that -- I wonder if that could be seen as arrogant? And talking down to.

That was my first impression. But maybe with a change to the line. Or maybe the line before translation doesn't sound like that.

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The copy is a good example of what a cliche is and what can be teremed as overclaim.


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Discover bad beer!


Creativity! | Twitter

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This has to be one of the most overdone advertising clichés of all time. And this is done far worse than most.

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I like it,

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How much beer you must to drink to see bear skiing?

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like it :)

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They should have tried to discover an idea.

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How many times it has been said, an art director will not replace a creative director.


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Why is a skiing bear real life?

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