Lacoste: Summer

A little air on ground

Advertising Agency: BETC Luxe, France
Managing director: Claus Lindorff
Client director: Anne-Laure Pilet
Creative director: Safia Bouyahia
Artistic director: Yuki Kani
Photographer: Ellen von Unwerth
Retoucher: DTouch Paris
Art Buying: Dominique Mornet

January 2010


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no sé molt bé qué volen comunicar però la foto és maca.

Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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"Bright ideas bring better results"

mikeelrapido's picture
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I agree, nothing special, nothing fresh..


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Wadih A3
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eehh ok!

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a little light on concept

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Well, I think it's OK for a clothing brand.

Many fashion brands' posters are as boring as this. :)

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"It's not fresh !!" , "it's so boring!"

Why the hell does everyone in advertising think they are #1 ad critic? give some constructive criticism and stop being douche bags. You probably hack it up more than you realize.

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Okay, constructive... let's see... bulldoze this piece of sh.t into the ground and start thinking. Come up with a concept, or at least an interesting situation. And if any of you drops in a meaningless, weirdo-cool "idea", spank the bastard till (s)he faints. Bringing random properties to a photo shooting is ground zero. That doesn't even need a drop of blood to your brain. Stop sniffing coke, eat some sugar and start working! Hope that helps.

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10 stars to Dzoi. **********

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0 stars to Dzsoi. Lack of concept? Read the explanation provided by the agency! That said, how many of you know who Ellen von Unwerth is? I am yet too see a photo that she took that is "boring". The campaign is great!

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Air headed.

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