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Our times require a higher level of sophistication from the aspriring adman/adwoman than this.

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illustrations are fine. but HUH?
everyone always said ivan tended to favor miami adschool studentwork.
i guess it's true

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School has a partnership for stuff like this.

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as far as i recall, ivan has always denied that

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No, we don't have such preference. But Miami Ad School sends twice as much work than all the other ad schools together.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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probably because it's the only school that puts out somewhat decent work.

the rest are all scam

because therefore it is

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Andrej Troha
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True! I hate Adobe Creative Cloud!!! Pure greed from adobe.

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I think that the carefreeness of the illustration conveys the idea of a reckless and unreliable clouding system. The childish style can be ok as I guess the ad is intended for home/non professional target.
But I strongly agree with Temple: a higher sophistication is needed even by a student. Plus the visual need to be somewhat deciphered (always a bad idea), the product is miserably small, the font is hard to read and creeply similar to Comic Sans.
Would this add sell more Lacie hard drives in real life? I don't think so and this is what advertising is meant to do: helping selling more.

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I like the art.

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Nice, but the payoff should be more correlated with the strategy. Try something like: "Trust something you can touch" or "Trust something you can own"

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