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Interesting how she looks so out of proportion for the decade. Really puts today's obsession with being skinny in perspective (pun intended).

The art is good, but I am so sick of seeing anorexia advertised as a desirable, attractive image. How long could she reallly do 'the twist' for without passing out?

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Why? ballet dancers are some of the fittest people around. just cause she's thin doesn't mean she's anorexic. She is however stunningly beautiful. I am sick of people blaming anorexia on advertising or obesity on advertising or for that matter any other problem that people have because of ads. Take some responsibility for your actions. Anorexia is a terrible illness and people who have it need and deserve support but stop making advertising the scapegoat for everything.

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I'm not 'blaming' advertising, but this kind of imagery doesn't help 13 year old girls feel good about themselves if they aren't rake-like. You have to admit advertising and the mass media are a big part of the problem surely?

And I've never seen a very thin ballet dancer. Toned, yes, fit, yes, but never as thin as this poor girl.

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Maybe all the fat chicks should just lay off the pork rinds and Big Macs...

On a serious note, I love this campaign. Not only is it impressive that they got it past the client to start with, but I also love the detail in the art direction and the way they've managed to make the talent and clothing range stand out clearly, without having to be forceful.

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Yes, the art direction is nice and anorexia is a serious issue but I think we're missing the best thing about this ad - it's got Rizzo from 'Grease' in it!

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i like this campaign.. goes straight to the point and illustrates what's fashion about

i have no problem with the skinny girl.. she's pretty :)

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