La Stampa Newspaper: Euro

The Euro. Our common identity that makes us stronger.

DLVBBDO represents Italy in a special column, edited by newspapers LaStampa, The Guardian, Gazeta, El Pais, Suddeutsche and Le Monde, that have a common objective: describe in a creative way the E.U. currency values.

Advertising Agency: DLV BBDO, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe
Copywriters: Matteo Maggiore, Dennis Casale
Art Directors: Matteo Pozzi, Valerio Mangiafico
Illustrator: Davide Calluori


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Wow! Great Illustration and great concept. Congrats guys!

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Solid ad.

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Ramat Ajala
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Just one of the thousands of fingerprint ads.

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Dear Ivan, please dont publish these kind of ctrl+c and ctrl+v ads.

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Same old thing

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why again??

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Roger Keynes
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This feels like adopting a strategy from an idea.

'Identity' through currency? Really???!

Will Think for Salary

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I'm gonna think of doing a butt print ad :)

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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C'mon BBDO you can do better

deja fuck

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Siddarth Basavaraj
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vintage collections?

Love creating ads..

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bad bad and bad

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Well done.

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