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nice one

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Sorry, next!

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are they supposed to be fish eyes?

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i think they supposed there's a fish UNDER the soup ;)

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Mmmmm. I love it when little fish swim around in my soup.

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I feel it, but not to sound stupid it looks for references of homemade aquariums and no fish makes bubbles, which makes bubbles is the water filter for the cleaning of the same ones, I would like to take a fresh super soup but I would not like to take soup with a full filter from dirt. This does not work either.

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Nice. But at the risk of looking stupid, I didn't get the onion rings advert until I saw the tomato. And that was probably what made the fish soup work for me as well... I guess I'm just slow today. Or?

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Jonny Lonestar
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The first two were nice. this one, not so much...

fish don't "bubble". turtles "bubble" chemical reactions in lake-beds "bubble" fish however, do not.

the fish would work so much better with a fishing line, a "splash-ring", a fin (like spawning trout)... or perhaps should just stick with vegetarian soups

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farting underwater creates bubbles.

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Sheesh, you people just need to stop overthinking the world. It's a nice campaign. What is wrong with that? Breaking down the science of what fish do or the accurate shape of a tomato is whinging. Cartoon fish have blown a bubble or two. Do you also sit in the theater and scoff at that? Let go a little. Sheesh.

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Exactly. But if you do want to critisize at least make it constructive.

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jjaj I agree with that!.... stop looking for flaws.. you got the idea didn't ya?

jjajaaj why don't we put some legal texts in the bottom that say...
this is just a representation and it doesn't under any circumnstance represent real life, fish do not bubble, turtles however do!... something to do with a lake... yap yap yap yap BOOOOOORINGGGGG!!!!

jajaj like the ads by the way

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okay campaign, this one is not as strong as the first two.

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Cool. This one and the onion soup are the best ones. The only thing is that the white background makes them look kind of 2001. Maybe the background scene out of focus or something...

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white background from 2001? How old are you my son?

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not very apetising

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- "Dinner is served!"
- "What's for eats?"
- "Oh, well... fresh FART SOUP!"

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this one is the best one!

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Made me laugh....Ii guess it worked! :)

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